Leveraging change
While organizational policy and strategy are the most comprehensive levers-ultimately steering the changed entity-they are fully informed by, and wholly reliant on, all of the preceding levers.

ConversArt recognizes that the most fundamental lever is culture, which comprises the attitudes, beliefs and values that define every organization. With this in mind, ConversArt invests considerable time and effort in the conduct of focused research, building comprehensive knowledge of, and fundamental sensitivity to, the specific cultural circumstances of each client organization. This research is at the core of ConversArt's success, establishing a profound appreciation for the context in which transformation occurs.

Having built a deep appreciation for the goals of proposed change, ConversArt moves to identify and engage appropriate stakeholders at all organizational levels. ConversArt recognizes that change, while directed by senior leaders, is enacted at a managerial level, where staff benefits from practical awareness of, and close proximity to, the machinery that propels organizational reforms.

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