Supporting leadership
As a company that is focused primarily on supporting senior leaders, ConversArt relies on its research to define clearly the means to engage and align organizational leadership, whose skills and commitment leverage further advancements: the implementation of technology, establishment of structure, creation of strategy, etc.

Leaders are responsible for setting and communicating vision and direction, goals and objectives. They are also critically tasked with engaging, motivating and supporting staff. Recognizing, however, that the skills and competencies required to lead during times of change are not necessarily instinctive, ConversArt applies an integrated coaching model in which leaders come to:

  • Understand themselves through exercises and practices that involve reflection, awareness and interpretation;
  • Identify and alter specific personal behaviours using proven psychological tools and methods;
  • Recognize and meet the organizational and systemic demands of leadership; and
  • Work with their peers to grow and learn in expanded communities of practice.
As experts in the field of adult learning, or andragogy, ConversArt believes that leaders prefer to act their way into thinking, as opposed to thinking their way into acting. This fact is exemplified by the important and effective learning that occurs not in a classroom, but in the rigours and high relevance of day-to-day work activity. Therefore, much of ConversArt's leadership-development work is undertaken in real-life settings in which leaders face specific challenges for which they must build new capabilities-individually and collectively.

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